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Cytotron RFQMR Treatment - no side effects arthritis and cancer tumor therapy is hope for osteoarthritis and Cancer Tumor patients without any side effects.

Also called QMR it is advanced treatment with potential to treat Coronary and peripheral artery disease, Osteoporosis, Pain, Migraine, Diabetes, neuropathy, Problem wounds, Tinnitus, epilepsy, etc

Cytotron is a State-of-the-Art Therapeutic Device based on Rotational Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance (RFQMR) which utilizes highly complex electromagnetic beams in the radio frequency spectrum controlled by a computer and guided by MRI.
The beams are precisely controlled and focused onto tissues to alter the cell membrane potential of the target tissue cells which in turn stimulates cartilage growth in case of degenerative diseases such as Osteoarthritis or triggers the programmed cell death and stops the tumor's growth in Cancer.

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Cytotron Machine...

Cytotron is the trade name of the device developed by Centre for Advanced Research and Development (CARD) - a division of Scalene Cybernetics in India.

Cytotron looks like a MRI machine and is the world's first Rotational Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance (RFQMR) Generator for Tissue Regeneration, Degeneration and Repair for treating several chronic or degenerative diseases such as Cancer & Arthritis. The treatment is non-invasive, painless and free from side effects. Clinical studies have demonstrated that Cytotron is very effective in curing certain conditions such as a damaged knee by regenerating the cartilage tissue or stopping and reversing the growth of a tumor in cancer.

Cytotron RFQMR Close Up

Cytotron Science...

How does Cytotron work?

RFQMR produces a high power multi-frequency, high energy spinning quantum electromagnetic beams in the lower end of Electromagnetic spectrum in the Sub-Radio and Near-Radio Frequencies. This frequency range effects are predominantly non-thermal because the intensity is not high enough to significantly change tissue temperature.

The Cytotron delivers programmed precise dose of RF beams in the 1Khz to 10 MHz Range in the presence of high instantaneous magnetic field, which is focused in the near field, using special antennae.

cytotron cancer treatment
CARD engineers by simulation established that, when a biological Cell is exposed to such HF / RF under an instantaneous magnetic field it alters many cell parameters, including its resting Trans Membrane Potentials (TMP). Cellular activity is closely linked with the TMP that plays an Important role in the synthesis of proteins and it plays a significant role in the basic mechanism of mitosis (cell division) control. Trans Membrane Potential (TMP) is altered in different situations:

-70 to -90 mV is the TMP in Healthy Cells.
-40 to -60 mV when Infected.
-20 to -30 mV in Cancer
0 when the Cell dies.

Cytotron Operation

'Guns'  in a Cytotron shoot RF beams that are precisely focused on the target area to alter the cell membrane potential thus starting or stopping Cell Division (Mitosis) in a controlled manner. The desired exposure characteristics (like the cartilage to bone gap, skin to cartilage distance, Name, age, gender, height and weight etc.,) are fed into the computer. The computer computes various wave front and spin frequencies, pulse amplitudes, field strength etc. There after the operator precisely focuses the beams on the required site.

Cytotron cancer

Is Cytotron comfortable and safe?

Patient feels no pain or discomfort during treatment. The Cytotron System has been cleared for its safety standards and is certified by DRDO, Government of India as safe, non-ionizing and non-thermal complying with the International Commission of non-ionizing Radiation standards

 How is Cytotron (RFQMR) therapy done?

Patient lies on the Cytotron bed that moves into the focus area. The treating rays are focused on the tumor with laser guides and the computer calculates the dose based on the MRI, The treatment is usually one hour daily for 28 days.

What exactly is Tissue Engineering?

Tissue Engineering is the field of altering, modifying, controlled reproduction and controlled regeneration and degeneration of biological tissue. Using Tissue engineering techniques, today it is possible to regenerate dying tissues and organs inside the body, grow new blood vessels, heal wounds or fix an adamant fracture, grow new cartilage or even teach a few lessons to cancerous cells that go into a multiplication spree.

Conditions Treatable with Cytotron
Based on the results of Initially Clinical Studies Cytotron is presently used for cartilage regeneration in Osteoarthritis as alternative to knee surgery and for no side effects  Cancer tumour treatment.

Is Cytotron possible in patients with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, etc?

Yes, Cytotron is possible in arthritis patients having these and most other diseases.

Which patients cannot be treated with Cytotron?

Patients with any MRI incompatible implant or having pregnancy cannot be treated with Cytotron.

The Inventor

The team that developed Cytotron after years of research at CARD was headed by Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar DSc. Dr Kumar is a pioneering researcher and an opinion leader in the field of Biophysics and Radiobiology. Specialized in Medical Engineering, he has worked for more than fifteen years on regenerative tissue engineering and high speed biological data acquisition, modeling and simulation of the human cardiovascular system. The many patents held by him include the Realistic Geometry Cartographic Imaging (RGCI) / Cardiovascular Cartography (3DCCG) which finds applications from medical science to tsunami detection, and the Cytotron which is considered an important milestone in radiobiology and tissue engineering. His work on Nanotechnology has sparked off a new technique in selective tissue destruction with a "nanoblaster" that is undergoing laboratory trials.

Creating history - World's first Cytotron Machine

installed at Sibia Medical Centre in March 2006.

Dr Kumar at the installation of world's first Cytotron machine. Also seen in the picture are Dr. L. S. Chawla, Founder Vice Chancellor of Baba Farid University of Medical Sciences, Dr. S.S.Sibia, Dr.Harpreet Kaur Sibia and Dr. Ramakant Jagpal

Quantum of Electromagnetic Energy

Albert Einstein the most influential 1 physicist of the 20th century won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921. He wrote: DNA map or formula is a function of the bio-energetic field that exists in parallel with the physical body. This biofield is a map of energy structure that contains the architecture and conditions to construct a physical entity in space and also it is a formula to repair the structures that are damaged or destroyed. We can consider it as the supreme intelligence, which is latent within a body.

Raymond V.Damadian,   the most influential 1 physicist of the 20th century won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921. inventor of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) wrote about Cytotron: "Dr.Kumar's work brings to life new technologies for coupling early MR detection of cancer tissue to efficient method for eradicating them.