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Sibia Medical Centre is associated with Cytotron ever since we installed the world’s first Cytotron just after the successful clinical trials at Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Bangalore. SMC is internationally known for treating heart and many other patients without surgery SMC is world renown for tests, prevention and treatment without surgery with hi-tech patient proven methods. What started as a small service to mankind has now turned into a wave and the clinic has treated patients from not only various parts of India but over 30 countries. The ‘small’ setup is now known world-wide for ‘big’ results.

The first thing that patients note is that the team consisting of Dr. Sukhbindar Singh Sibia, Dr. Harpreet Kaur Sibia, Dr Keerat Kaur Sibia, Dr Ilmjot Singh Sibia and others is ever ready to listen to the patients. They are frank, transparent and believe in patient education as the more a patient knows about his disease the more he can help himself. The patient is informed about his disease, the possible treatments and the expected results and side effects before deciding on any treatment.